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Plan & Prepare

Resources and Links For Local Government Officials

For Local Elected Officials & Emergency Management Coordinators:

NJ SERC Guidance to LEPCs Emergency Planning and Community [pdf]
NJ LEPC Emergency Plan Excerpt Template [pdf]
Note: If you have further questions please contact your Regional NJSP OEM Office

NJOEM Public Information Officer Field Guide [pdf]

Congressional Research Service - FEMA’s Disaster Declaration Process: A Primer [pdf]

Federal Surplus Property Program

Law Enforcement Support Organization (LESO) - 1033 Program

"Presentation at Cultural Institutions and Emergency Management Conference" NJ State Library July 2014 Powerpoint File 2.45 MB

Managing Expectations Courtesy of FEMA PDF File 8.25 MB
This presentation was created by FEMA Region II Disaster Assistance Unit Director Mike Beeman and based on his first hand experiences and front line insight during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster in Mississippi. As such, the presentation is a proactive educational recap that focuses on valuable lessons learned and how future catastrophic incidents can be managed and improved upon in the near future.

When Disaster Strikes: Managing Municipal Response Operations first published in the NJ League of Municipalities Magazine
“Despite these seemingly overwhelming obstacles, your community can survive, recover and eventually thrive when disaster strikes. But you’ve got to know ‘how.’ The key concept is emergency management. It’s a process that starts when the wind is calm and long before the water begins to rise.”

Disaster Recovery: A Guide for Municipal Officials
“A municipal government’s ability to access federal disaster relief programs quickly, efficiently and appropriately can limit disaster-related losses, lessen financial and psychological impact for community members, and enhance a community’s ability to survive – and eventually thrive – in a disaster’s wake.”

Local Emergency Planning Committees Enhance Local Disaster Plans, Resources
"All New Jersey communities have a tool which can dramatically enhance the capabilities of their emergency management programs. … This group is in touch with its constituencies and knows just what resources to apply to any given emergency situation. It’s the Local Emergency Planning Committee – the LEPC. Emphasis on Local.”

A Guide for Local Officials-pdf from Citizens Corps

Emergency Management Training in New Jersey

Resources available from the New Jersey League of Municipalities’ Hometown Security Initiative

Search for “EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT COLLECTION” at the New Jersey State Library’s Website. These materials are available for New Jersey citizens, and to emergency managers, government officials, emergency responders, teachers, engineers and corporate emergency officials in New Jersey who need to prepare or respond to any emergency situation. Materials include handbooks, videos, reports or software. Here is a list.

NJOEM’s Basic Preparedness site

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